It was 1978 when Bert Beelen, founder of Beelen Lawyers, started his career as a lawyer. Nowadays no less than 18 lawyers and 6 administrative assistants are employed in his law firm.

The structure of a Law firm this size is almost unique in Belgium: no mere association of independent lawyers, but all specialized lawyers working as well together as independent with professional administrative backing on your behalf under the guidance and supervision of the experienced and still very active owner himself. Tradition, cooperation and excellence results into the legal answers all your questions were looking for.

All those and years of relentlessly placing quality first resulted also in the most extensive and modern facilities for our people to work with. After all, excellence must be treated accordingly.

So were proud to say we can offer you top-quality, all-inclusive solutions for any kind of legal question and please feel free to contact us to find out what you didn’t believe we could do for you.